14 03 2010

Well, I think I’ve found the perfect setting for the theme WORN, but the weather was a bit uncooperative. Hopefully I’ll have some sunlight left after work one day this week. In the meantime I decided to play with the shutter priority mode on my camera to get this picture… I tried a number of f-stop settings but 3.5 seemed to give the best results. Anyway, this is a metal candle holder that holds a tealight candle. I always love watching the patterns that it casts on the wall when lit and wanted to try to capture it. Any advice on how to improve on this is welcome!



9 03 2010

I can’t believe the month of March is flying by and I haven’t taken any new photos. Work has been crazy and softball season is in full swing. I’ve scoped out a few photo ops and hope to have an opportunity to get a few great pictures over the next week or so. In the meantime I’ll be visiting other bloggers and leaving comments. Check back later this month.

Self Portrait

23 02 2010

T-Meredith-N AKA Tamara Meredith Nichols

My self-portrait photo is a montage of me and my family in some of the places we have lived/visited. I apologize for the poor quality of these photos. Most were taken with my first digital camera, a Sony Mavica—today’s cell phones have better image quality, but it served its purpose.

Description of photos starting in the bottom right-hand corner and working around clockwise:
My basic training photo taken in January 1985.
My husband and I in one of the MANY greenhouses in Keukenhof, Netherlands.
My husband and I in Paris, the blurry image over my right shoulder is indeed the Eiffel Tower.
Another photo of me and my husband at Keukenhof Gardens–cropped heads courtesy of my daughter who was age 9 at the time.
My daughter and I with Big Ben in the background.
A family shot in front of a small, fully restored castle (Berg Eltz) in Germany.
Family photo taken Christmas 2009.
My daughter–all grown up in her college softball uniform.
Finally, the background photo was taken in the fall of 2000. My father’s family is Scottish and I was tickled to find a tour bus in Oban, Scotland sporting my maiden name.

A little about me… I joined the military straight out of high school, spent my first assignment in Ankara, Turkey where I met my husband. We have been married for almost 23 years and have a beautiful 18 year old daughter who plays college softball. Ron—her school mascot is a Koala, really…

I may not be quite as well travelled as Bill, but I have lived in 8 states (New York, Utah, Texas, California, Maryland, Wyoming, New Mexico, and South Carolina) and 3 countries (The United States, Turkey, and Germany).

In addition to the countries I have lived in, I have had the opportunity to visit Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Austria, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Poland, and Luxembourg. I plan to continue adding to this list. Top destinations include, in no particular order, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Ireland, and Australia.

I love to travel and experience new things. I love reading, music, photography, and watching my daughter play ball. My crafting addictions run long as well…sewing, knitting, machine embroidery, photo editing, stained glass…You get the idea, right?

I’m really enjoying the photo walk, both the challenge of finding high quality photos that fit the themes and the social interaction. It’s going to be a great year!


15 02 2010

Jinxy recommended that I clean the bright white out of this picture. I faded it out and cleaned out a few other bright spots.

White–softened using a PSE action

14 02 2010

White–Vintage Photo

14 02 2010

I could have posted some pictures of the snow, but I really love the roses my dad sent for Valentines Day. You’re never too old to be a Daddy’s girls. 🙂

OOB: Take One

14 02 2010

Okay, it took a lot of research to figure this out. I downloaded a free action that worked, but didn’t produce the results I liked. I read about 25 different tutorials and made multiple attempts before I finally found one that worked for me. I was happy to succeed, but not thrilled with the results–the frame needs to have some perspective applied.